The Best Licks in Tucson!

The Best Licks in Tucson!

Truck for sale!

The Cool Runnings Ice Cream company is retiring, and you can purchase the truck that made it all happen!

Our truck is a vintage mail truck, a 1971 Ford straight 6. Asking $4,000.

  • New Fuel Lines
  • new Fuel Tank
  • Rebuilt Carb
  • Rebuilt Radiator
  • New Fuel Pump
  • New Steel Floor
  • Working Freezer
  • Service Window
  • Shelves For Candy
  • Hanging Racks for Bags
  • C-D Radio Sound system

They literally don't make them like this anymore!

Note that the Cool Runnings Ice Cream Company name is not included with the truck price. Entity purchase negotiable.

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